AI for Mere Mortals

The Ongoing Case For Open Source LLMs

September 24, 2023 Kabir Season 1 Episode 15
AI for Mere Mortals
The Ongoing Case For Open Source LLMs
Show Notes

Large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4 have made significant strides, but the debate between the merits of closed commercial models and open-source LLMs continues. While commercial models boast advanced capabilities, open-source LLMs democratize AI, offering cost-effective solutions and specialized tuning. For instance, open-source models like LLama-2 can handle tasks like QA and summarization at a fraction of GPT-4's cost. They also promote responsible AI development through community collaboration.

However, open-source LLMs face lagging capabilities, limited accessibility, and scaling issues. Bindu Reddy's tweet on 𝕏 and the author's experience with open-source software highlight the importance of understanding both sides of the coin. The future of AI likely lies in a blend of both models, ensuring innovation and reliability. Factors like community support, licensing terms, and model maturity also play crucial roles in choosing an LLM. For instance, while Llama-2 is commercially viable, its licensing terms have specific restrictions. Thus, understanding these nuances is essential for effective AI deployment.

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